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Poinciana Island Yacht and Racquet Club – Waterfront Townhomes, Sunny Isles Beach, FL

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Poinciana Island
Yacht and Racquet Club
Sunny Isles Beach, FL

February 2022 Inventory Report

Poinciana Island Yacht and Racquet Club is a townhome community in Sunny Isles Beach. The community was built in 1980 and occupies the entire Poinciana Island. Overall, there are 190 units on the island. Most of them have dock spaces where you can park your own boat.

100 of the units are 2 story townhomes. They are located on the east side of the island and facing either south or north. Each of those townhomes have a dock space right behind it. They have 3 different configurations noted as Models A, B, and D. Models A and B are slightly large corner units.

90 of the remaining units are spread across 6 6-story building, located on the west side of the island. # Each building has # 6 2-story condos occupying the 1st and 2nd floors (Models E and F), then # 6 2-story condos occupying the 3rd and 4th floors (Models G and H),#  2 1-story condos on the 5th floor (Model J), and # 1 penthouse-type 1-story condo on the top 6th floor (Model K).

As of the first week of February, the inventory is low at just 5 units, with 3 condo units, and just 1 townhome unit. The last sale was $999,000 for 4-bedroom townhouse, and the deal was closed on January 28th.

For details on how to read the inventory report, please watch our video about Poinciana Island community:

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